Pathways Classroom Rules of Engagement

Speak with Meaning

  • What you say should carry meaning TO OTHERS.
  • Reference quantities when describing formulas, interpreting graphs, and justifying your approach!
  • Explain why your approach works; not just how you got your answer.
  • Describe operations in terms of the meaning they convey (How much greater than, how many times as large as, etc.).

Exhibit Intellectual Integrity

  • Base your conjectures on a logical foundation.
  • Don't pretend to understand when you don't.

Strive to Make Sense

  • Persist in making sense of problem situations and others' thinking.

Respect the Learning Process of Others

  • Allow others the opportunity to think, reflect and construct.
  • When assisting your peers, pose questions to help them construct meaning rather than showing them how to get the answer.

Specific Goals for Improving Instruction

  1. Choose tasks that promote inquiry and meaning making in students.
  2. Pose questions that promote thinking and learning
  3. Be attentive to the thinking of your students.


These rules of engagement can be downloaded here.